Intermediate Italian I F17 (ITAL*2090) | College of Arts

Intermediate Italian I F17 (ITAL*2090)

Code and section: ITAL*2090*01.

Term: Fall 2017

Instructor: tba


Course objectives:
Introducing additional exercises which enable speaking, listening, and writing practice, Intensive Intermediate Italian (ITAL 2090) reinforces and builds on the grammar begun at the introductory level. Students will be exposed to contemporary Italian texts, films, and culture during four weekly classes (three hrs/with a focus on grammar and practice, two hrs/which are devoted to in-class interaction on cultural aspects and online exercises). This course requires a firm commitment on the part of the student.

Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of this Intensive Intermediate Italian course successful students will be able to:
- Recognize, interpret, and connect standard inputs in Italian
- Communicate in Italian about topics related to the student’s environment, background, daily activities, and personal interests at an A2 level (for a comprehensive view of the A2 European Language Level see this pdf document (click on “Download in pdf”).
- Correctly read short stories and other short texts in Italian.
- Write simple texts (of more than one sentence) as well as simple responses to questions in Italian.              

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