Intermediate Spanish I W18 (SPAN*2000) | College of Arts

Intermediate Spanish I W18 (SPAN*2000)

Code and section: SPAN*2000*01

Term: Winter 2018

Instructor: tba


Course objectives:

This course is taken by students who have completed grade 12 Spanish, students who are native speakers of Spanish but need to improve their grammar, and students who have taken Introductory Spanish II or SPAN/HISP1110.  The focus of this course is improvement in vocabulary and grammar, but the course also introduces various topics from Spanish and Latin American culture.  Regular classes will focus on grammar, while seminars will focus on oral and written practices.


Learning outcomes:

At the end of this course students will

  • Integrate grammatical concepts with new thematic material
  • Improve and enrich oral fluency in Spanish with new vocabulary studied
  • Formulate and support opinions on literary, social and cultural components of the course
  • Communicate in oral and written forms in Spanish 









ESPACIOS. 3rd Ed. Sandstedt, Kite. Heinle Cengage Learning. Package
                      (Text book and printed Student Activity Manual).


Method of presentation:

Three 50 min. classes per week (12 weeks)

One 50 min. labs/seminars per week (12 weeks)


Evaluation method:



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