Intermediate Spanish II F17 (SPAN*2010) | College of Arts

Intermediate Spanish II F17 (SPAN*2010)

Code and section: SPAN*2010*01

Term: Fall 2017

Instructor: tba


HISP*2010 is a continuation of HISP*2000. The course is designed to increase your reading, comprehension, writing, and communication skills in Spanish. Classroom activities (in the lecture as well as the seminar) will include review, discussion, and application of the grammar constructs of the language. It is critical that you be prepared to complete out of classroom activities in support of those scheduled for class meetings. You will work independently as well as in small groups in and out of the classroom to achieve the learning objectives of the course. Course work for evaluation will include oral and written assessments in the lecture and seminar. You are encouraged to seek assistance from the Instructor and the seminar facilitator as needed during listed office hours. We are here to help you achieve the learning outcomes of the course as well as your personal learning objectives.

Learning Outcomes:
At the end of the semester, successful students will be able to
- demonstrate increased oral fluency in Spanish using a wide array of vocabulary through participation in discussions and assignments in the lecture and seminar
- demonstrate improved reading, writing, listening & comprehension skills in Spanish as a result of reading and writing assignments, quizzes and exams
- formulate, express and support opinions on Hispanic literature, cinema, culture and social traditions, as explored in course materials, through in-class and online discussions, as well as theme specific in-class activities
- apply correct grammatical structures to all forms of self-expression in Spanish, through the study of language structure and application of key communicative strategies developed throughout the semester

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