Introduction to Classical Culture W18 (CLAS*1000) | College of Arts

Introduction to Classical Culture W18 (CLAS*1000)

Code and section: CLAS*1000*01

Term: Winter 2018

Instructor: tba


Course objectives:

This course will introduce the student to the history and culture of ancient Greece and Rome through the study of selected segments of that history and culture. Topics to include: the Homeric poems, Classical Greece, the Roman Republic, and the Roman emperors. The course will focus upon the crucial elements of Greek and Roman history, literature, art, architecture, and everyday social life.


Learning outcomes:

 Upon successful completion of this course, an assiduous student will be able to:

1. analyse, critique and evaluate a range of source material;

2. appraise literary and historical sources of ancient Greek and Roman culture;

3. integrate literary and historical sources with other genres of ancient sources, such as archaeological, numismatic, and epigraphic material to synthesize a comprehensive understanding of Graeco-Roman antiquity;

4. organise and deploy evidence in order to discuss critically historical, social and cultural themes in order to inquire meaningfully into specific aspects of cultures, ancient and modern.











Method of presentation:

Lecture and in-class discussion


Evaluation method:



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