Introductory Arabic I F18 (ARAB*1100) | College of Arts

Introductory Arabic I F18 (ARAB*1100)

Code and section: ARAB*1100*01

Term: Fall 2018

Instructor: tba


Course objectives:

This course provides an introduction to Arabic script, articulation of the sounds, basic grammar, and is designed to enable students to begin communicating in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). Although a diversity of dialects exists throughout the Arab world, MSA is considered the most common denominator across the region.


Learning outcomes:

By the end of this course, successful students will be able to:
1. Write and identify Arabic letters and words

2. Read short texts

3. Use a short list of vocabulary

4. Ask and respond to questions

5. Participate in short discussions

6. Have a basic knowledge of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)

7. Acquire knowledge of the cultures of the Arab world.






Arabic speakers are not permitted to register for this class.





Method of presentation:

Lectures, dialogues and oral production, reading aloud and reading comprehension activities, listening comprehension activities.


Evaluation method:



Please see Undergraduate Calendar for all Arabic courses offered by the School of Languages and Literatures