Introductory Chinese II (CHIN*1210) | College of Arts

Introductory Chinese II (CHIN*1210)

Code and section: CHIN*1210*01

Term: Winter 2017

Instructor: M. Hao


Course objectives:

This course is a continuation of the Introductory Chinese I. With the completion of the study of the rudiments focused on phonetics (as provided in CHIN*1200), the course shifts to more comprehensive language skills training.


Learning outcomes:

l       Master various types of sentence structures and 500 words.

l       Have the preliminary ability to speak Chinese and write composition in Chinese characters.

l       Have the basic strategy of Chinese learning and relevant knowledge of Chinese culture.


Textbook required:

l       New Practical Chinese Reader    Textbook Vol. 1    新实用汉语课本

l       New Practical Chinese Reader    Workbook Vol. 1   练习册

l       Two CD sets for the Textbook and Workbook respectively


Materials online:

l      Video for conversation texts of NPCR lessons (Courselink)

l      Chinese Pinyin Input Installation Guide (Courselink)



Method of presentation:

l The course will teach only the essential and ensure plenty of practice.

l  Active student participation is vitally important to a successful experience of learning the language.

l  After-class completion of exercises in the workbook and memorization of characters from the textbook are essential to achieving the learning outcomes.

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