Introductory German I F18 (GERM*1100) | College of Arts

Introductory German I F18 (GERM*1100)

Code and section: GERM*1100*01

Term: Fall 2018

Instructor: R. Mueller


Course objectives:

This is a beginning course in German. Students will attain a basic knowledge of the language and practice all four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing). You will also learn about aspects of German culture.


Learning outcomes:

Given that students will invest the time and effort necessary, at the end of this course they should:

  • have become familiar with basic grammatical concepts in German and be able to assemble words and construct basic German sentences in the present tense and present perfect using subject, verb, direct and indirect objects, as well as some propositional phrases, expressions of time and subordinating conjunctions
  • be able to discuss German-speaking cultures (i.e., Germany and Austria) from demographic, geographic, behavioural, historical, cultural and linguistic perspectives. Students will acquire an active vocabulary of about 200-300 words and a passive vocabulary of about 300-400 words
  • be able to demonstrate a basic proficiency in German, being able to write, read, understand aurally and speak according to the following standards
  • Listening: Students should be able to understand short, simple messages and announcements in German.
  • Speaking: Students should be able to engage in simple conversation with other speakers of German.
  • Reading: Students should be able to read short simple German texts and find specific information.
  • Writing: Students should be able to write simple sentences, notes, messages and short personal letters.




Students with Grade 3U or 4U German may NOT take this course. Identify yourself to the instructor, if you have any previous German knowledge.






Sevin and Sevin. Wie geht’s. 10th Ed. Cengage Learning. Textbook.


Method of presentation:

2 classroom hours, plus 2 mandatory seminar hours.


Evaluation method:



Please see Undergraduate Calendar for all German courses offered by the School of Languages and Literatures