Introductory German II W18 (GERM*1110) | College of Arts

Introductory German II W18 (GERM*1110)

Code and section: GERM*1110*01

Term: Winter 2018

Instructor: R. Mueller



Course objectives:

This course is a continuation of GERM* 1100. During the semester, students will learn more about intercultural differences and complete a basic study of German grammar to achieve greater speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. GERM*1110 prepares students to progress to more advanced German language courses, such as GERM*2400 and GERM*2490.


Learning outcomes:

It is expected that upon successful completion of this course, students will have the ability to do the following:

- pronounce and produce German accurately

- understand German when spoken slowly and clearly, using familiar words and phrases

- understand short, relatively simple texts and find predictable information in everyday material

- greet people, ask basic questions, express wishes, describe surroundings, and relate past events

- construct and develop short social exchanges and simple dialogues on familiar topics, e.g., living arrangements, banking, tourism, telephoning, travel, transportation, leisure activities, entertainment and media

- employ basic German vocabulary and idioms to talk and write about topics such as the weather, hobbies, family, living conditions, food, travel, shopping, family, education, etc.

- compose simple connected text on topics which are familiar or of personal interest, for example a diary, e-mail/postcard, short composition etc.

- understand and apply aspects of German grammar, e.g., imperatives, prepositions, separable-prefix verbs, time expressions, all four cases, reflexive verbs, adjective declensions, zu-infinitives, da- and wo-compounds

- analyse, compare and contrast linguistics features of English and German

- differentiate between the German-speaking countries and North America.



GERM*1100 or equivalent with permission of instructor.




Sevin and Sevin. Wie geht’s. 10th ed. Cengage Learning

Plus audio components incl. in book & online with passcode


Method of presentation:

Three (3) classroom hours, plus

One (1) mandatory seminar hour


Evaluation method:


Calendar course descriptions with pre-requisites and restrictions can be found in the Undergraduate Calendar





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