Introductory Spanish I F17 (SPAN*1100) | College of Arts

Introductory Spanish I F17 (SPAN*1100)

Code and section: SPAN*1100*01+02+03

Term: Fall 2017

Instructor: R. Gomez


Prerequisites: None

  • Students with extended previous exposure to Spanish through courses, living experience in Spanish speaking countries or those who are native speakers of Spanish may not register for this course.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of the semester, successful students will be able to: 

  • Communicate in basic Spanish, through participation in oral activities in class and in an

      end of semester oral presentation in the lab/seminar

  • Read, comprehend and comment on simple texts written in Spanish, through regular  reading comprehension activities, assignments and tests
  • Write in Spanish about everyday life, activities and preferences, through regular writing assignments and tests
  • Identify a variety of cultural elements of the Hispanic world, as presented in the classroom

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