Latin American Identity & Culture II (LACS*6020 ) | College of Arts

Latin American Identity & Culture II (LACS*6020 )

Code and section: LACS*6020 *01

Term: Winter 2017

Instructor: G.Yovanovich


Learning Objectives:
This course is the second part of the two required courses on Latin American Identity and Culture.  By the end of this course a successful student will be able
•    To discuss theory of Community and apply theoretical concepts to literature and art
•    To understand the difference between the official history and collective memory
•    To evaluate the importance of collective memory for subaltern groups
•     To assess the importance of collective memory and orality in community building
•    To ask important questions and research answers for these questions which are to be presented   orally in an organized and interesting fashion
•    To develop an informed argument around a single thesis statement
•    To select appropriate methodologies in conducting research and in writing essays
•    Critically reflect on the relationship between the individual and the community, and the need for a dialogical in the creat of heterogeneous community.

Method of Presentation:    
Interactive multi-media seminars will combine lectures, student presentations, and general discussion.

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