Latin Literature F17 (LAT*2000) | College of Arts

Latin Literature F17 (LAT*2000)

Code and section: LAT*2000*01

Term: Fall 2017

Instructor: P. O'Cleirigh


A continuation of instruction in the reading of the Latin language through the use of relevant Latin texts. This course builds upon the introduction to Latin from LATN*1100 and *1110 (or equivalents) and is designed to enable students to read with fluency Latin texts written over more than two millennia.

Learning Outcomes:
Upon the successful completion of this course, the assiduous student will:
- consolidate and utilize his/her knowledge of the essential forms, grammar, and syntax of the Latin language including:
- the use of cases and parts of speech
- declension of nouns and adjectives
- pronouns
- conjugation of verbs in all tenses, moods and voices
- construct an intermediate Latin vocabulary (approx. 1500 words)
- translate passages of intermediate Latin prose into idiomatic English with limited vocabulary aid
- translate short passages of English prose into Latin with limited vocabulary aid
- demonstrate knowledge of Roman civilization and culture, using adapted written texts

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