Myth & Fairy Tales in Germany F18 (GERM/HUMN*3020) | College of Arts

Myth & Fairy Tales in Germany F18 (GERM/HUMN*3020)

Code and section: GERM/HUMN*3020*01

Term: Fall 2018

Instructor: P. Mayer


Course objectives:

The course explores the role of mythology, fairy tales and legends in late 18th and 19th century German literature and culture through a selection of representative texts viewed in the context of socio-political and cultural developments. Lectures and texts are in English. Students enrolled in Germ* 3020 will have a weekly 1 hour seminar conducted in German and will be required to read some texts in German.


Learning outcomes:

Given that students invest the time and effort necessary, at the end of the course they should be able to:

  • conduct research on a given topic, that is

            find relevant sources

            assess their reliability

            extract the information needed

  • collate the findings of their research and their analysis of these in a cohesive


  • read and interpret a literary text
  • formulate arguments about literary texts with appropriate proofs



5.00 university credits






GERM*3440, HUMN*3440





Method of presentation:

Lectures and class discussions. Humn*3020:  3 hours/week;

                                                   Germ*3020:   1 additional hour/week.


Evaluation method:



Please see Undergraduate Calendar for all German courses offered by the School of Languages and Literatures