Novel & Romance in Antiquity (in Latin) F17 (CLAS*4010) | College of Arts

Novel & Romance in Antiquity (in Latin) F17 (CLAS*4010)

Code and section: CLAS*4010*01

Term: Fall 2017

Instructor: P. O'Cleirigh


This course augments CLAS*4000 for students of Latin through the reading and study in Latin of an extant novel.

Learning Outcomes:
The student, on successfully completing this course, will
1) possess an exact understanding of a centrally important Latin text, in addition to a broad knowledge of Ancient Greek and Roman prose fiction (studied in accurate  translations)
2) recognise the ways in which the authors being studied utilize excellent elements in earlier  Greek and Latin literature
3) enjoy an increased ability to analyse and interpret other literary texts, in   
line with the University’s learning objective of literacy.

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