Preliminary Greek II F18 (GREK*1110) | College of Arts

Preliminary Greek II F18 (GREK*1110)

Code and section: GREK*1110*01

Term: Fall 2018

Instructor: A. Sherwood


Course objectives:

To continue to introduce students to the language of Classical Greece, in particular to the basic principles of grammar and syntax in an inflected language. Provide a basic vocabulary for the reading of introductory Greek texts. Demonstrate that much of modern English vocabulary is derived from Greek. Introduce students to the culture that provides the foundation for Western civilization.


Learning outcomes:

1. to introduce students to the culture that helped to formulate Western concepts.

2. to initiate understanding of the importance of grammar and vocabulary for any language, but specifically ancient Greek in this course.

 3. to help students to build confidence in their abilities to undertake difficult material through proper organization and focus.



GREK*1100 or 4U Greek








Method of presentation:

Three (3) classroom hours


Evaluation method:



Please see Undergraduate Calendar for all Greek courses offered by the School of Languages and Literatures