Research Methods Seminar F18 (EURO*6000) | College of Arts

Research Methods Seminar F18 (EURO*6000)

Code and section: EURO*6000*01

Term: Fall2018

Instructor: C. Thomson


Course objectives:

This course is designed to introduce students in the MA programs in the School of Languages and Literatures to some of the key areas of research methodology and to help them develop a solid understanding of the written and presentational demands required at graduate level. At the end of this course, successful students will have developed academic and professional skills that can be used in future projects and professional situations, such as: developing research and grant proposals, writing their Major Research Paper or Thesis proposal, finding and analysing primary and secondary sources and understanding the basics of research methodologies in different disciplines.


Learning outcomes:

Skills that students will be able to develop in this course are the following:

  • An ability to identify and develop new questions for research;
  • An ability to write a clear and well-argued research paper;
  • Communicative skills for use in presenting work to classmates and the scholarly community;
  • Critical thinking skills for use in assessing the work of published scholars and the work of classmates.


Evaluation method:



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