The Roman Revolution W18 (CLAS*3010) | College of Arts

The Roman Revolution W18 (CLAS*3010)

Code and section: CLAS*3010*01

Term: Winter 2018

Instructor: A. Sherwood



Course objectives:

To acquaint the student with the problems facing Rome in this period, which saw the rapid

degeneration and failure of the Roman Republic and its subsequent transformation into an

Empire under the Principate of Augustus.  Also to understand the historical causes that led to the

unification of the whole Mediterranean World under the rule of a single superpower:  -Rome.


Learning outcomes:

1) to become understand the importance and complexities of the Roman Republic

2) to become aware of the importance of primary documentation and its various (sometimes contradictory) interpretations by secondary authors

3) to become confident in your ability to read primary and secondary materials and to create your own critical interpretation of Republican culture.



1 of CLAS*1000, CLAS*2000, HIST*2850








Method of presentation:

Three (3) classroom hours


Evaluation method:



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