Seminar in Classics W18 (CLAS*4400) | College of Arts

Seminar in Classics W18 (CLAS*4400)

Code and section: CLAS*4400*01

Term: Winter 2018

Instructor: P. O'Cleirigh


Course objectives:

A seminar course complementing courses of specific study in classics. It seeks to define the nature of the discipline, its values and its procedures. Attention will be paid to recent methodological and ideological trends in the discipline.


Learning outcomes:

For students who attend all the classes, do all the reading and are focussed, they will gain an greater understanding of one of the greatest and most influential individuals of western culture and his impact and influence upon western culture today. These students will also have a clearer understanding of the problems of historical methodology which can be applied to critical evaluation in the modern world. Finally these students will begin to understand the importance and proper methods to present evidence, arguments and conclusions to their audience.



1.50 credits in Classical Studies at the 3000 level








Method of presentation:

Three (3) classroom hours


Evaluation method:



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