Space: Roman Art and Urbanism W18 (CLAS/ARTH*3150) | College of Arts

Space: Roman Art and Urbanism W18 (CLAS/ARTH*3150)

Code and section: CLAS/ARTH*3150*01

Term: Winter 2018

Instructor: A. Sherwood


Course objectives:

Introduction to Roman art and urbanism from the Early Republic to the end of the imperial period. The course will survey the developments of Roman art with an emphasis on architecture, sculpture and painting. It will illuminate the development of the urban space in the context of cultural, social and political life. (Also listed as ARTH*3150).


Learning outcomes:

1. to introduce students to the culture that helped to formulate Western concepts of form and beauty

2. to initiate understanding of the purpose of critical review of material objects within a proper cultural context

3. to help students to build confidence in the critical evaluation of information.











Method of presentation:

Lecture and in-class discussion


Evaluation method:



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