Spanish-American Culture W18 (SPAN*3080) | College of Arts

Spanish-American Culture W18 (SPAN*3080)

Code and section: SPAN*3080*01

Term: Winter 2018

Instructor: S. Henighan


Course objectives:

This course provides an introduction to the cultural and historical contexts of Spanish American

civilization from indigenous culture of the pre-Conquest era to the present. Readings and

classroom discussion are in Spanish.


Learning outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate enhanced global understanding by discussing the cultures of the Spanish-speaking nations of the Americas in terms of their chronological development and regional differences;
  • Demonstrate heightened literacy and critical and creative thinking  through the analysis of Spanish-language texts from the late Middle Ages to the present;
  • Demonstrate improved skills in communicating through an improved facility in reading, writing and speaking Spanish.



HISP*2000 or SPAN*2000








Method of presentation:

Lectures, discussion, audio-visual presentations


Evaluation method:



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