Spanish Translation I W18 (SPAN*4500) | College of Arts

Spanish Translation I W18 (SPAN*4500)

Code and section: SPAN*4500*01

Term: Winter 2018

Instructor: R. Gomez


Course objectives:

To provide students with further practice, theory, methods, and discussion of common problems

in Translation. Students will be working in Spanish and English, but the focus will be translating

into Spanish.


Learning outcomes:

Successful completion of this course will provide students with the ability to:

  • Advance further in the B2 level (CEFRL)
  • Further analyze in depth the nature of various genres of English source language texts
  • Develop a keen understanding of lexicon, stylistics and grammar in both Spanish and English, focusing on English as the source language
  • Analyze in detail problem areas in syntax and stylistics when writing in Spanish from an English source text
  • Analyze and apply translation theories and how they shape the translation process into the Spanish language
  • Gain understanding of translation from a historical perspective, focusing on its evolution from the early bible translations to modern contexts including translation of multimedia
  • Evaluate, critique, and improve on existing translations



HISP*3500 or SPAN*3500








Method of presentation:

Students will study theoretical issues in translation and will engage in discussion of practical grammatical, stylistic, and vocabulary issues, focusing on precision of usage of each element. The course deals with the challenges that the English poses when translating into Spanish. Students will have ample opportunity to practice the art of translation by working in groups and individually on selected passages related to a variety of fields into and from both languages. Students will conduct a series of presentations: 1 on a relevant topic related to grammar issues in and 1 related to the theory and practice of  Translation


Evaluation method:



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