Topics in Hispanic Linguistics (SPAN*3240 ) | College of Arts

Topics in Hispanic Linguistics (SPAN*3240 )

Code and section: SPAN*3240 *01

Term: Winter 2017

Instructor: R. Gomez



This course studies central concepts in Phonetics such as speech anatomy, acoustics, the articulation, analysis and perception of vowels, consonants and suprasegmentals and there will be in-depth practice with the International Phonetic Alphabet.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will:
•    Define, Analyze and use concepts that are central to the study of Phonetics
•    Perceive, describe and produce vowels, consonants and suprasegmentals, and represent them accurately using the International Phonetic Alphabet
•    Identify and analyze various speech sounds of different languages and compare and contrast to those of English
•    Develop expertise in the phonetic / phonological system in one language of your choice for the major project
•    Study the anatomy and acoustics, motor control and aerodynamics of language production
•    Develop remedial exercises based on principles learned in the course
•    Investigate the applicability of the study of Phonetics to future career goals, such as Speech Language Pathology, Speech synthesis technology, Second Language Instructor, Voice coach, etc.

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