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Public Lecture Series: Dr. María Gómez u Patiño

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Dr. María Gómez y Patiño

Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain)


Creating Public Opinion through the Voice of

Women Journalists in Spain (19th-20th century)


Dr. Maria Gomez y Patino


Dr. María Gómez y Patiño (Ph.D. Journalism -Social Communication), is a professor at the Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain) where she is also a member of the research team Grupo de Investigación en Información y Comunicación Digital (GICID). Her research fields are in three different areas which are all related to the phenomenon of public opinion: 1) the influence of new technologies and digital media, as well as traditional media, on people's behaviour and political communication within the democratic system; 2) Gender studies (In this field she founded and directed the Permanent Seminar for Women’s Studies (1997), at the Universidad Europea de Madrid);  3) Tourism as a social phenomenon affecting social and world peace. (Her latest book, Escapistas de la realidad: los intangibles del turismo [2012], is in this field).

She is also a regular analyst of social and political events on Aragon TV-Radio in Zaragoza and she contributes to the political opinion column of the newspaper El Periódico de Aragón (Zaragoza)


Monday November 11, 2013 at 12:30-1:20

Mack 235


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