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Alena Barysevich

Associate Professor, Academic Advisor for French Studies, and Linguistics
School of Languages and Literatures
Phone number: 
519-824-4120 ext. 56504
MacKinnon Building, Room 281


Dr. Alena Barysevich is a specialist in Applied Linguistics and the teaching and learning of French as a Second/Foreign Language. She is interested in sociolinguistic competence in L2, sociodidactics, language pedagogies and technologies, FSL teaching in minority environments, and plurilingualism in language planning and development. She has extensive experience in professional training and in the design, development and evaluation of new online, hybrid and face-to-face programs and curricula.


Dr. Alena Barysevich est spécialiste en linguistique appliquée et en didactique du français langue seconde/étrangere. Elle s’intéresse à la compétence sociolinguistique en L2, à la sociodidactique, aux pédagogies et technologies des langues, à l’enseignement du FLS en milieu minoritaire, au plurilinguisme dans la planification et le développement des langues. Elle possède une vaste expérience dans la formation professionnelle ainsi qu’à la conception, le développement et l’évaluation de nouveaux programmes et cursus en ligne, hybrides et en présentiel.


If you’re interested in pursuing a Master’s or PhD, send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you!



  • Ph.D., Sociolinguistics, University of Western Ontario
  • M.A., French Studies/Linguistics, University of Western Ontario
  • D.E.A., Interdisciplinary Studies, Université Libre de Bruxelles
  • B.A.H. & B. Ed., French Studies & Applied Linguistics, Minsk State Linguistic University


Research Interests

  • Applied Linguistics, (Socio)Didactics, French Language Teaching & Learning
    • Didactics of French as a Second Language in Canadian Context (Minority Setting)
    • Bilingual/Plurilingual/Minority Language Education at University Level
    • XXI Century Approaches to FSL:
      • Socio-Constructivist Theory of Teaching & Learning
      • Experiential Learning
      • Action-Oriented Approach
      • Task-Based Instruction
      • Genre-Based Approach
      • Competence-Based Approach
    • FSL Training, Mentoring and Consulting in New Approaches to FSL Teaching and Learning
    • Internet-Based Language Learning and Pedagogy
  • Sociolinguistics & French Language
    • Acquisition of Sociolinguistic Competencies in Oral Speech
    • Language Variation and Change in Contact Languages
    • Bilingual/Minority Language Education
    • Franco-Ontarian French


Selected Research


Selected Publications