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Dawn Cornelio

Photo de Professor Dawn Cornelio
Professor, Graduate Coordinator for French Studies
School of Languages and Literatures
Phone number: 
519 824 4120 x 53186
Mackinnon 254



  • BA (Hons.), University of Connecticut
  • MA, University of Connecticut
  • PhD, University of Connecticut : Dissertation: Exploring Lyrical Circulation: Reading and Translation Jean-Michel Maulpoix's Une histoire de bleu (2001)

Fields of specialization

  • Traduction littéraire (théorie et pratique)
  • Autofiction et l’écriture féminine contemporaine
  • Les écrits de Chloé Delaume



Critical website

Work in Progress:

  • Sisters, are you with me?  A Translation of Chloé Delaume's Mes bien chères soeurs (2019). Forthcoming 2021 with New Dawn Editions.

Translated books:

  • Of course not! Chloé Delaume. U of Nebraska Press, 2017.
  • Nimrod: Selected Writings. Ed Freida Ekotta, U Michigan Press, 2018. (Translation of works in prose only.)
  • Pink Bra and Black Jacket. Rafaële Germaine. McArthur & Company, 2011.
  • Black Alley. Mauricio Segura. Biblioasis, 2010.
  • Gin Tonic and Cucumber, traduction de Gin Tonic et concombre de Rafaële Germain, McArthur & Company, 2010.
  • TransCanadian Sketchbook. Olivier Barrot. McArthur & Co, 2009.
  • A Matter of Blue. Jean-Michel Maulpoix, Boa Editions, 2005.

Selected chapters, articles and conference papers:

  • "La curation de sa création: l'évolution en ligne de Chloé Delaume", 20th and 21st Century French and Francophone Studies International Colloquium, 2021, online.
  • "Damned if she does, damned if she doesn't: la réception critique et populaire de quelques oeuvres de Chloé Delaume", Women in French UK Conference, 2021, online.
  • "Une mise à jour du féminisme de Chloé Delaume: des Mouflettes d'Atropos à Mes bien chères soeurs", French Cultural Studies Vol 31 Issue 4, 2020, pp 284-292.
  • "Des chaussures ensanglantées à un corpus éclaboussé: la présence de M Duras dans certaines oeuvres de C Delaume" in Descendance durassienne et écritures contemporaines, ed Catherine Rodgers, 2020, pp 91-110.
  • "Transgresser les limites du patriarcat: les clés de la révolution féministe d'après Chloé Delaume", in Transgression(s) in Twenty-First-Century Women's Writing in French, eds Kate Averis, Ègle Kackuté, Catherine Mao, 2020, pp 251-266.
  • Des pouvoirs et impuissances de l'autofiction chez Claire Legendre", Women in French UK Conference, 2019, Leeds, UK.
  • "Activism and Autofiction: Chloé Delaume's Response to the Patrick Le Lay Affair", Contemporary French and Francophone Studies. Vol.22.1, 2018, pp 15-22.
  • "New Possibilities for Translation: Care Theory as Criteria for Negotiation", in Translaboration: Translation as Collaboration. Ed Alexa Alfer, 2017, pp291-303.
  • "Collision and Collusion: contrasting representations of the translator-author relationship in contemporary French Fiction", TTR Vol. 29, 2016, pp 139-160.
  • "De Nathalie Dalain à Chloé Delaume: qui est qui?", Komodi 21, 2016, en ligne.
  • "Fragmentations des corps et des identités chez Chloé Delaume", @nalysesVol. 11, No. 1, Hiver 2016, en ligne.
  • Des seuils et des sables mouvants : Narration reflexive chez Brice Matthieussent.   20th / 21st Century French and Francophone International Studies Colloquium, St Louis (March 2016).
  • Absent presence: The Role of the Mother in the Work of Chloé Delaume.   Rocky Mountain Modern Languages Association, International conference, Santa Fe, New Mexico (Oct 2015).
  • "Elle se nomme Chloé Delaume: un parcours personnel et littéraire" in Protean Selves: 1st Person Narrators in 21st Century French and Francophone Fiction. Ed. Adrienne Angelo and Erika Fülöp. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014. (pp 40–53). 
  • "I'm going back where I came from: Voyages in Languages and Prose in Marie Etienne's Sensò, la guerre and Silvia Baron-Supervielle's Le livre du retour" in Parcours de Femmes: Twenty Years of Women in French. Ed. Maggie Allison Angela Kershaw. 2010, (pp. 229-242)



  • UGFA Teaching Award, 2007
  • Award for Excellence in Teaching, College of Arts, 2006
  • Central Student Association Teaching Excellence Award, 2005
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