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Gordana Yovanovich

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Professor, Program Coordinator for MA.LACS
School of Languages and Literatures
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1-519-824-4120 ext. 53180
Mac Kinnon 277


University of Toronto 1982-1987 Ph.D. (Latin American Literature) 1987

University of Toronto 1981-1982 M.A. (Spanish Literature) 1982

University of Toronto 1980-1981 Com. Lit and Literary Theory

Carleton University 1976-1980 B.A. (English/Spanish) 1980



Principal Editor of Latin American Identities After 1980. Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2010.

Editor. The New World Order: Corporate Agenda and Parallel Reality. Montreal & Kingston. London. Ithaca: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2003.

Play and the Picaresque: Lazarillo de Tormes, Libro de Manuel and Match Ball. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. 1999.

Julio Cortázar's Character Mosaic. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1991.

Chapters in Books

¨La mujer y la violencia en Libro de Manuel de Julio Cortázar.¨ Identidades americanas: más allá de las fronteras nacionales. Ed. María del Carmen Sillato and Patricia Varas. New Orleans: University Press of the South, 2011: 205-225.

¨Neighborhood Identity and the Larger World: Emir Kusturica’s Underground.¨ Europe in Its Own Eyes, Europe in the Eyes of the Other. Ed. David B. MacDonald and Mary-Michelle DeCoste. Announced date of publication: April, 2013.

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Bloom. Philadelphia: Chelsea House Publishers, 2005. 149-183.

“La unificación de lo personal y lo social en Match Ball de Antonio Skármeta.” Edited by Donald Shaw and Randolph Pope, University of Virginia. 25 pp. Forthcoming in 2006.“

Introduction to The New World Order. 3-22.

“Intelligence Agenda and the Need for Constructive Intellectual Intervention in the New World Order” in The New World Order.40-57.



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