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Science Complex Rm 4440


2016 was a year of two large shocks: the election of Trump, and Brexit. A sense of confusion has rippled across the world and the consequences, for better or for worse, will be felt for many years to come. For those of us who wish to continue a fair, prosperous, and global world society, we must look inwards to identify where we failed in our assumptions and in our messaging. From this we must identify where our political, economic, and social systems should go in the future. This task will require contributions from everyone.

Contributions can and should be made by ecologists and evolutionary biologists. Over two weeks we will discuss what more we can contribute.

This discussion will occur over two weeks.

In the second week, we will look outwards and discuss how ecology and evolution can be applied to our economic, political and social systems. We will also discuss whether the way we are communicating ecology and evolution has contributed to the sentiment of the “public has had enough of experts” (Michael Gove - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGgiGtJk7MA – 1:00).

A starting point for this discussion is the article:

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