Master of Arts- Applied Social Psychology (MA.PSYC)

Students admitted to the MA program are typically expected to apply to continue to the PhD after completion of their MA degree. Thus, our MA program is primarily designed to be comprehensive and to provide the flexibility for graduate students to develop their applied research skills in order to purse a PhD degree. The program provides opportunities for students to engage in such development through three main types of teaching-learning activities:

Overall the program is structured to encourage students to share their research contributions  in the form of conference presentations, published articles and other formats aimed at scholarly audiences and/or practitioners.

Please note that as per the university and departmental regulations, MA students currently enrolled in the program who wish to continue to the PhD must apply to be admitted to the PhD program by the application deadline associated with their field of study. The process is the same as when applying for the MA; with the exception that  TOEFL (if applicable) do not need to be resubmitted. For more information please contact your primary supervisor or the Graduate Area Representative for the Applied Social Psychology programs