PhD- Applied Social Psychology (PhD.PSYC)

Our PhD program offers advanced training in theory, research and professional skills in Applied Social Psychology. It is designed to build on the foundations established in the Applied Social Psychology MA program. It aims to be comprehensive while providing the flexibility for students to select a set of teaching-learning activities inside and outside the classroom suited to their career goals. The programs provides opportunities for students to engage in such development through four main types of teaching-learning activities:

Students also have the opportunity to engage in various independent research activities, collaborating with each other and/or with various faculty members.

Through a balance of courses, applied work, and publication opportunities, the program’s flexibility allows students to emphasize and receive training directed toward the pursuit of: (1) research in practical or applied settings (e.g., community organizations or consulting firms) and/or (2) research in academic settings (e.g., universities and colleges).

Please see the graduate calendar for a detailed description of the program requirements.