CCAP- Other Faculty

Clinical Supervisors at the Centre for Psychological Services are also members of the Core Clinical Faculty. Their contact information is noted below.  Information about their clinical interests and backgrounds can be found at:


Name Contact Information

Dr. Tamara Berman

Director, Practicum Coordinator

Registered Psychologist

ext. 54715

Eileen Gross

Assistant Professor

Registered Psychological Associate

ext. 52574

Dr. Elissa Newby-Clark

Assistant Professor

Registered Psychologist

ext. 56320

Dr. Gregory R. Simpson

Assistant Professor

Registered Psychologist

519-824-4120 X 54008


Professor Emeritus

R.W. Barron, Ph.D. (Ohio St.), Professor Emeritus
M.A. Evans, Ph.D. (Wat), Professor Emerita
M.P. Grand, Ph.D. (SUNY Stony Brook), C. Psych., Professor Emeritus
M. M. Konstantareas, Ph.D. (University of Toronto), C.Psych., University Professor Emeritus
Note. the Emeritus faculty are NOT taking graduate students.

Complementary Faculty

Complementary Faculty include members of the Department who teach required courses taken by CCAP students.

Paula Barata, Ph.D., Applied Social Psychology
Dan Meegan, Ph.D.,  Neuroscience & Applied Cognitive Science
Ian Newby-Clark, Ph.D., Applied Social Psychology
Deborah Powell, Ph.D., Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Saba Safdar, Ph.D., Applied Social Psychology
Jeffrey Spence, Ph.D., Industrial/Organizational Psychology
David Stanley, Ph.D., Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Jeffery Yen, Ph.D., Applied Social Psychology

Note: Other faculty members in psychology from outside the CCAP area also serve on advisory committees and qualifying exams for CCAP students as per the areas of expertise they bring to this research. These individuals are not listed above.