CPADE- Other Faculty

Professor Emeritus

M. M. Konstantareas, Ph.D. (University of Toronto), C.Psych.
University Professor Emeritus
Pervasive Developmental Disorder/ Autism
Note. Dr. Konstantareas is NOT taking graduate students.

Complementary Faculty

Complementary Faculty include members of the Department who teach required courses taken by CP:ADE students.

Paula Barata, Ph.D., Applied Social Psychology
Dan Meegan, Ph.D.,  Neuroscience & Applied Cognitive Science
Ian Newby-Clark, Ph.D., Applied Social Psychology
Deborah Powell, Ph.D., Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Saba Safdar, Ph.D., Applied Social Psychology
Jeffrey Spence, Ph.D., Industrial/Organizational Psychology
David Stanley, Ph.D., Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Jeffery Yen, Ph.D., Applied Social Psychology

Note: Other faculty members in psychology from outside the CP:ADE area also serve on advisory committees and qualifying exams for CP:ADE students as per the areas of expertise they bring to this research. These individuals are not listed above.