How do I Apply?

Neuroscience and Applied Cognitive Science Application Deadline

January 15 is the application deadline to apply to Neuroscience and Applied Cognitive Science (NACS) graduate programs.

All materials including reference letters should reach us by this date. Missing information may preclude an application from being considered for admission. NOTE: If you attended more than one university, please ensure transcripts from all places are sent in time.


How do I apply to Graduate Studies in Neuroscience and Applied Cognitive Sciences?

First review these eligibility requirements.

NACS Area Application Requirements:


We welcome applications from students with experience in one or more of the fields within Neuroscience, Psychology and Applied Cognitive Science. Students who enter the MSc program will normally have a Bachelors or Honours degree in Psychology or a related field. Students who enter at the PhD level will normally require a Masters degree in a related field. Related fields include, but are not limited to, Computer Science, Cognitive Science, Biomedical Science, and Behavioural Neuroscience.

English Language Requirements

If English is not your first language the University of Guelph requires that you write a standardized English Language Proficiency Test. See this link for details of acceptable tests and corresponding scores for demonstrating English language proficiency.

GRE Requirements

Applicants are NOT required to submit GRE General and Subject Test scores.

How are applicant files evaluated by NACS?

The NACS MSc and Phd programs are research intensive. Students must identify on their application potential faculty research advisors. Those advisors will review your academic record, research experience, and fit to their research program.  The NACS faculty members as a committee will review the recommendations of individual advisors. Admission is very competitive given the restrictions on the number of students we may accept. 


General Department Application Instructions

Please follow this application process to apply to Graduate Studies in Psychology. (Note: This is a modified version of the University of Guelph Apply to Guelph graduate process.)

IMPORTANT: The GRE will not be accepted for Fall 2022 applications.

There are four main steps you need to follow when applying the University of Guelph Psychology Graduate Program.

Step 1: Prepare Required Documents

It is important to gather your application documents as soon as possible in order to avoid delays. The required documentation items are listed here so you can prepare them in advance of using the online system described below. 

Transcripts of participating Ontario universities may be requested electronically via the the online application with the OUAC as described below. In regards to non-participating universities, you will want to ensure that you have up to date copies in your possession ready to be scanned and uploaded once the University of Guelph confirms receipt of your application from the OUAC.

A minimum of 2 academic references listed are needed in the online application (a maximum of 3 are allowed). You likely want to request permission from these referees prior to completing the online application.

Our Psychology Department Graduate Studies Admission Questionnaire (see Step 4 below).

Your CV/resume.

Evidence of English language proficency, if applicable.


Step 2: Complete OUAC online application

You must complete the OUAC online application: apply online; however, please note you do not need to provide all of the information required in this form.  Specifically, you only need to include the following:

Personal information: Please use your full LEGAL name. Do not use nicknames.

Program: Choose 1 graduate program (Master's or Doctoral)

Field of Study: Choose 1 field of study.

Admission: Full-Time to the Fall Semester ONLY.

English Language Proficiency: You do not need to provide English Language Proficiency information in the OUAC form. Do enter your test date (past/future).

E-mail Address: Please ensure that this email will be active and monitored from the date of application through June.  IF your application proceeds to an offer of admission and you are presented with a University of Guelph email account, it is imperative that you monitor this account on a regular basis, as it is the only one the Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies will use to communicate with you.

Type of Study: Thesis-based ONLY

Academic Background: Please enter each university-level institution you have attended. You must provide information for all university-level institutions you have attended and/or are currently attending - whether you have completed a degree or not. Start with the program you are currently enrolled in or the most recently completed one.

Transcripts: An applicant (excluding applicants currently registered at the University of Guelph) has the option of requesting an electronic transcript from participating Ontario universities. Please note, each university may charge you. If this occurs, the cost will be added to your application fee. If all of your transcripts can be requested electronically you do not need to do anything further with transcripts. However, if you cannot or do not request a transcript electronically you will need to upload it at a later date using the WebAdvisor system descripted below.

Referees: As noted above, the OUAC online application allows you to enter a maximum of 3 referees. A minimum of 2 referees are required by the Department of Psychology – these must be academic references (with the exception of an applicant who has been long out of school). It is imperative that you provide each referee with your application deadline.
Note: All applicants are welcome to submit additional academic and/or non-academic letters of reference (beyond those listed in the OUAC online application), provided the references are relevant to the field of study being pursued. 

Statement of Intent: Please do not enter your statement of intent into the OUAC online application. You provide your statement of intent via our Psychology Department Graduate Studies Admission Questionnaire (see Step 4-1 below).


Step 3: Log on to WebAdvisor

After completing the OUAC application you will typically receive login instructions to the University of Guelph WebAdvisor system within 7 days. You will use this system to upload non-electronic transcripts. Note that the referees listed in your OUAC application will also receive login instructions to submit their references electronically. 

Once logged in to WebAdvisor, click on the applicants link (top/right menu item)  and then click on the documents link (on right).

Uploading Non-Electronic Transcripts
If there are transcripts you did not request electronically in the OUAC application, you must upload them using WebAdvisor. Please upload these transcripts as soon as possible after receiving your WebAdvisor login. 

Monitoring Electronically Requested Transcripts via your OUAC application​
Transcripts that were requested electronically via the OUAC application will be automatically uploaded upon receipt by the Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies. Please monitor your application checklist via WebAdivsor to confirm receipt as well view such transcripts.

Electronically Submitted References
The referees identified on your online application will be sent a request to complete a Referee Assessment Form on your behalf. They will receive this request around the same time you receive your WebAdvisor information. Receipt of uploaded references may also be confirmed in WebAdvisor after a few days.

Monitor Electronically Received References from Referees listed in your OUAC application.
Please monitor your application checklist via WebAdivsor to confirm receipt only from these referees.

Indicating Additional Referees
You may wish to specify more referees than OUAC website allows. Please forward any additional referee the University of Guelph Assessment of and Applicant For Graduate Studies form. Once again, when doing so please remind them of your application deadline and that submission will be directly to the Graduate Program Assistant in Psychology (address below).

Please note: Neither the WebAdvisor account information or referee request can be expedited. Please plan the submission of your application in accordance with admission deadlines.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to upload any "non-electronically requested" transcript(s) of an institution as noted in their WebAdvisor checklist.  It is imperative that you do so upon receipt of your login instructions to WebAdvisor to assist in the completion of your application documentation as soon as possible.

All documents must be converted to PDF format and uploaded to WebAdvisor as a PDF (learn how to convert your document to PDF). Documents may not exceed 2MB in size.

Only one file can be uploaded per item listed on your checklist. If a document has multiple pages, please combine into one file before uploading. Please note transcripts must include legends/keys/grading scales (usually located on the back of each transcript page).

If you have completed more than one degree at the same institution, only one checklist item will appear as a requirement. Please ensure that any required transcripts are merged into one PDF document for your upload.

If you have completed a degree at the University of Guelph, you must upload a copy of your unofficial transcripts from WebAdvisor. To do this, log into WebAdvisor and click on the link titled Unofficial Transcript.

To prevent delays in processing, please ensure all of your uploaded document are legible.

You will have 5 minutes to replace an uploaded document if you wish to do so. Once the document link is inactive, you must contact to replace a document.

If you are an applicant  who completed post secondary education in Ontario and choose to submit your transcript(s) via the online application with the OUAC, an electronic version of your transcript(s) will be sent to the University of Guelph and automatically uploaded on your behalf.

We do not require hard copy transcripts to assess your file for admission. It is then your choice to request electronically via your OUAC application, as an additional fee may be applied. Any transcript not electronically requested at the time of application will then need to be scanned and uploaded by you. If your application proceeded to an offer of admission, an official final transcript(s) would then be required to be submitted prior to start of the first semester.

Apply for a Study Permit, if applicable

You may be required to apply for a study permit, please visit Citizenship & Immigration Canada

University of Guelph's Designated learning Institution Number: O19305391192


Step 4: Complete Departmental Required Documentation

 (i) Psychology Department Graduate Studies Admission Questionnaire

Complete and save the Department Admission Questionnaire

It is strongly recommended (though not mandatory) that you contact potential research advisors and identify them in Question 5.

Your major research interests and your objectives in undertaking graduate study (a.k.a. statement of interest) are to be addressed in provided in Question 6; thus you do not need to enter them in the OUAC application above.  There is no limit to page length or number but suffice it to say that it should only be as long as it needs to be as your ability to write may be critiqued

Questions 7,8,9 invite you to describe your experience in research, work (which would include volunteer-work) and teaching.

(ii) CV/Resume 

•    Prepare and save your CV/Resume  

(iii) English Language Proficiency Standardized Score Report. 

Request the language testing provider to send language proficiency scores to the University of Guelph. If the test is administered by ETS, use codes: 0892 UNIV GUELPH   2016 COPY FOR PSYCHOLOGY. Of any other administered test, please request that they mail directly to the University of Guelph, Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies, Guelph, ON N1G 2W1.  Once received it will be uploaded to your WebAdvisor checklist for viewing and confirmation of receipt. Please take a screenshot that we can later verify. Screenshot is to be of the entire reporting page so that all identifying information will be captured. This copy will suffice until the official scores are received. 

•    Save your English Language Proficiency Score Report 


•    Incorporate all 3 documents into 1 document, ensuring final document is in PDF.
•    Please upload this final document to your Admission Application in WebAdvisor, via the “Supplemental Document” tab


Step 5: Complete Field of Study Required Documentation

Be to include any documentation specific to field of study (AS, CCAP, I/O, NACS) to which you are applying (Question 2 of the Department Admission Questionnaire above). See Area Application Requirements at the top of this page.


Graduate Program Assistant

Graduate Program Assistant
Dpt. of Psychology
MacKinnon Building Extension, Rm. 4014
University of Guelph
Guelph, ON N1G 2W1
519-824-4120 x53508
fax 519-837-8629

What is the status of my Graduate Application?

Each graduate area evaluates their applications and conducts interviews throughout January and February. Only those being interviewed will be contacted.

Offer of Admission recommendations are submitted by the Department to the Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies for review and acceptance. Following this action of the Department, our field's of study typically email their students who have been recommended, indicating that an Official Offer of Admission is pending. We ask for your patience during this process.

Shortly thereafter, you will receive an email from our Graduate Secretary informing you on behalf of the Department of Psychology, that a recommendation has been forwarded to the Office of Graduate Studies that an Official Offer of Admission be made. Attached will be our "Departmental Guarantee of Funding Letter". This letter will detail our funding obligation to you (as per MTCU funding eligibility rules). You will want to refer to this letter later when reviewing particularly the "Funding Form"  within the Official Offer of Admission, as said form is more technical in nature.

An Official Offer of Admission notification can be expected between March and April.  This notification comes directly from the Office of Graduate Studies and will be sent to the email noted in your OUAC application, thus please ensure you monitor.  You will be provided with instructions to login to your WebAdvisor account to view as well as to accept/decline.

Non-admission notifications are sent as soon as all outstanding offers of admission have been finalized, thus we ask for your patience during this time due to the volume of applications we receive. If at any time you wish to inquire as to the status of your application, please contact the Faculty Admission Representative for that field of study. Please note our Graduate Secretary is unable to assist with such an inquiry.

Electronic Offer of Admission

  • You will receive notification via email indicating that a decision has been made on your application.
  • Log in to WebAdvisor, select Applicants, select Documents, and click on View Offer.
  • Your offer of admission will be displayed.
  • Read your offer of admission and guaranteed funding form.
  • Scroll to the bottom and select a response by clicking on the appropriate selection ( 'I Accept' or 'I Decline') prior to the response deadline..
  • The offer will remain valid until the response date listed on your offer of admission and/or the due date listed on WebAdvisor.
  • If you choose to accept the offer of admission, you are required to mail in all final official documentation and meet all conditions as specified in your offer (if the offer of admission is conditional).
  • If you choose to accept your offer of admission, you will receive information about how to register via email closer to your semester start term.
  • If you choose to decline your offer, select the appropriate response. Please note, once you select 'I Decline', your offer of admission becomes void and we cannot reverse this decision. If you change your mind, you must contact the department directly for reconsideration. You may be required to reapply and resubmit all of the required documents