Graduate Program: Neuroscience & Applied Cognitive Science (NACS)

About Neuroscience and Applied Cognitive Science (NACS)

Neuroscience and Applied Cognitive Science is a Graduate area of study within the Psychology Department.

The MSc and PhD programs in Neuroscience and Applied Cognitive Science will provide students with the tools to investigate the integrative functioning of the brain.

The research areas represented within this program include: 

  • basic cognitive processes,
  • behavioural neuroscience,
  • cognitive ergonomics,
  • cognitive neuroscience,
  • developmental and life-span cognition,
  • foundations of cognitive science.  

Students are given specific research and course training in their research field and are exposed to broader interdisciplinary research in the Research Seminar in Neuroscience and Applied Cognitive Science.

Graduate study in this program provides students with skills they will need as researchers and professionals. A unique opportunity in this program is the opportunity for students to acquire skills outside of the laboratory of their supervisor in a practicum that may be held in a hospital, government agency, non-government agency or a research laboratory.  This may include learning a new technique in a laboratory other that of the supervisor.  Program Brochure


Neuroscience and Applied Cognitive Science Application Deadline

January 15 is the application deadline to apply to Neuroscience and Applied Cognitive Science (NACS) graduate programs.

All materials including reference letters should reach us by this date. Missing information may preclude an application from being considered for admission. NOTE: If you attended more than one university, please ensure transcripts from all places are sent in time.


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