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Research has long been part of University of Guelph culture, beginning in the late 1800s with our three founding colleges. It continues today, in what has grown to become seven colleges with more than 30 departments, and over 700 researchers. For the year 2020, follow us online as we share 220 University of Guelph research highlights of our storied history and the innovation that improve life.

Yukon Gold blazed a trail on tables everywhere

Yukon Gold potatoes

For more than 50 years, the Yukon Gold has been the standard by which other “signature” potatoes are measured. It was one of the very first gourmet spuds to have an identifiable moniker associated with its unique colour.  Yukon Gold, which also sports a slightly nutty flavour, was developed here in 1966 by potato breeder Gary Johnston, to cater to European immigrants’ desire for more pronounced tastes in their potatoes. But it raised the bar for potatoes for all Canadians…and for Americans too, having been served at the inaugural ball for former U.S. president Bill Clinton.

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