2018-2019 Grant Programs

39 departments or groups were awarded a Wellness@Work seed grant in 2018-2019.  Throughout the year, we will be featuring different grant programs that have taken place.  

Below is a summary of the departments and groups that were awarded grants for their wellness initiatives:

Grant Program Title


Making Connections

 Human Health and Nutritional Sciences

Be Well, Live Well, Work Well

 Open Learning and Educational Support

Learn to Run Program and Yoga

 Occupational Health

Wellness Bikes

 Agri-Food Partnership

Women, Wellness and Work

 Cross-Campus Collaboration

Healthy Bodies and Healthy Minds

 Department of Biomedical Sciences

Pedal for Wellness

 Admissions Services

Retreat Day

 Peer Helper Program

Reliving Stress through Physical Wellness

 Community Engaged Scholarship Institute

Pause, Reflect and Re-energize

 Child Care Learning Centre- PAC

Healthy Living at Home and Work


Healthy Shift Workers

 Student Housing

RFS Reaching for Success in Wellness

 Research Financial Services

Campus Mile


Women in Physics Lunches

 Department of Physics

Future @ OVC


Mental Health and Workplace Culture


Speaker and Workshop Series


New Experiences and Stretch it Out

 OAC Dean’s Office

Change for Life

 Research Innovation and Knowledge Mobilization

Wellness Hour

 Grad Student Mental Health Committee

Feeding Bodies and Minds

 Union Group Collaboration

On-site Physical Wellness


Lunch N’Learn on Cooking Essentials

 AFL and AHL

Taking Care of the Carers

 Student Wellness Services

Therapy Garden Planters

 Lab Services

Healthy Eating and Cooking

 School of Languages and Literature

Self-Care Improving work life

 College of Business and Economics

Wellness Watch!

 Payment Services

Community Building Activities and Events

 Molecular and Cellular Biology

Ping Pong for Mind and Body

 Equine Guelph

Mindfulness for Wellbeing

 Student Wellness Services

Volunteer Connection

 Office of the VP Research

Bystander Empowerment

 Women of Steel USW 4120

Fresh Air and Sunshine Therapy

 New Liskeard

Corning Around

SOE Wellness Committee

 School of Engineering

Healthy Eating

 Physical Resources

Somer in the Summer  Human Resources