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Undergraduate European Studies Conference

Undergraduate EUROPEAN STUDIES Conference

Keynote Speaker is Professor Antonio Rossini (University of Windsor) with his lecture: "Francesco Plantulli's Divine Comedy's Remake. The Incredible Story of Garibaldi's Factotum" Other panels are: 9:30am Religion and Art in Medieval Europe 11:00am Debates on Contemporary Europe 1:00pm Keynote Speaker Professor Antonio Rossini 2:15pm Fictional Worlds: Shaping European Identities 3:30pm Memory, Space and Emotion    

University of Guelph Chamber Ensemble Concert

Join the Chamber Ensemble and Conductor Henry Janzen for an afternoon of classical chamber music.  Concert is free and everyone is welcome.  For more information visit www.uoguelph.ca/sofam/events

Kyle Johnston's Oral Qualifying Exam (OQE)

Thesis Title: Deleuze and Guattari's A Thousand Plateaus:                      Formulating a Response to the Problem of Nihilism ALL ARE WELCOME  

University of Guelph Concert Winds Ensemble Concert

Join the 45 piece Concert Winds Ensemble and Conductor John Goddard for an evening of music in a variety of styles ranging from marches to music from Broadway and films.  Free concert, everyone welcome.  For more information visit www.uoguelph.ca/sofam/events

Great Scots: Leading Canadian Storytellers with Scottish Connections

Publisher, author and former Scottish Studies Foundation director, Douglas Gibson, will be staging a new one-hour show at the University of Guelph, under the auspices of the Scottish Studies Department at the University, headed by Dr. James E. Fraser.  We very much hope that you can come, and enjoy the show, and say hello to Doug and his charming wife Jane. And bring along book-loving friends.

University of Guelph Choirs Concert

Join the University of Guelph Choirs and conductor Marta McCarthy for an evening of fabulous choral music.  Ticketed event.  For more information, visit www.uoguelph.ca/sofam/events

University of Guelph CME Concert

Join the CME and conductor Joe Sorbara for an early afternoon concert of improvisational and contemporary music.  $5 cover charge at the door.  For more information visit www.uoguelph.ca/sofam/events

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