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Southwestern Ontario Feminist Philosophers Workshop

Speakers: Victoria I. Burke (Ryerson) - "Literature, Politics, Absence:                                                                 Blanchot's Post-Kantian Space"                   Samantha Brennan (Guelph) - "What's love got to do with it? Rethinking                                                                      the family, child rearing, and romance" ALL ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND

TAN presents Tio Chorinho

Thursday At Noon Concert series presents the only ensemble in Canada dedicated to performing choro music. Free admission. Everyone welcome.  For more information, visit https://www.uoguelph.ca/sofam/events

Movie Night - Philosophy of Horror - "The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)"

This session is a special addition to the schedule of Philosophy in the Dark, prompted in part by the great response to our viewing of The Witch. Jack McCart, an undergraduate here at the Universityof Guelph whose interests in this session include medieval marginalia, morbidity and the potentially horrific dangers of transgressing the natural order.  We will gather with Jack to explore medieval marginalia, disorder and the consequence of transgression.

Movie night - Philosophy of Horror - Selections from "Wolves in the Throne Room"

This session is the second in the Mud, Roots, Blood and Darkness series of Philosophy in the Dark. What horror is inspired by the very changing of the climate? How does our alienation from ‘nature’ provoke anxiety and terror? What occurs when we avoid a politics of ‘green’ affirmation and immerse ourselves in the progressive blackening of the landscape (the deforming of matter, the detritus, chthonic tunneling in the Earth’s bowels, death and negativity) or landscapes of extinction?

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