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Three Spanish Professors Speak with the Canadian Hispanic Congress

Professors Denise Mohan, Dorothy Odartey-Wellington, and Rosario Gomez were invited by the Canadian Hispanic Congress to talk about their work and research in Spanish language and Hispanic cultures, to celebrate the Hispanic Heritage Month in the fall semester, 2021. Watch it here! (In Spanish)

SoLaL | Public Lectures

De l’enfance,
de l’âge et de la dépense du temps.

Dr  Maïté  Snauwaert
University of Alberta

Lundi, 22 mars 2021
12:30 pm – 1:30 pm

A Form of African Identity

Prof. Stephen Henighan translates Camões Prize–winner Germano Almeida's A Form of African Identity in the May 2020 special issue of Words Without Borders