Britain Since 1603 (HIST*2500) | College of Arts

Britain Since 1603 (HIST*2500)

Code and section: HIST*2500*01

Term: Fall 2023


Method of Delivery: 

In-class lecture

Course Synopsis:  

This course will survey the history of England the Celtic Regions of the British Isles from the close of the Tudor period up to the mid-20th Century. Emphasis will be placed on social and economic development before and after the Industrial Revolution as well as on the political and military challenges which have characterized Britain’s status as a global power in the modern era. 



Methods of Evaluation and Weights:

20% - 10 Weekly Reading Quizzes
20% - Britain, Slavery and Material Culture Online Forum 
30% - Essay on George Orwell’s Road to Wigan Pier.
30% - Final Exam

Required Textbooks:

Susan Kingsley Kent, A New History of Britain Since 1688, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016. ISBN PAPER-13: 9780199846504

George Orwell, The Road to Wigan Pier. London: Penguin Books, 2001. ISBN 978-0-141-18529-3.

*Please note: This is a preliminary web course description only. The department reserves the right to change without notice any information in this description. The final, binding course outline will be distributed in the first class of the semester.