The British Isles 1066-1603 (HIST*2000) | College of Arts

The British Isles 1066-1603 (HIST*2000)

Code and section: HIST*2000*01

Term: Fall 2015


Course Synopsis:

This course provides an introductory survey of the history of medieval and early-modern Britain and Ireland from the Norman conquest of Anglo-Saxon England in 1066 to the union of the Scottish and English monarchies in 1603. Major events and processes will be covered (such as the ‘Black Death’, the Reformation, and English imperialism in Wales, Scotland, and Ireland), but there will also be comparative discussion of medieval society, religion, and culture amongst the ‘Anglo-Saxon’ and ‘Celtic’ peoples in different parts of Britain and Ireland, and how ways of life changed in these islands in these centuries.

Course Assessment and Weights:

In-class quizzes 10%
Essay outline 10%
In-class mid-term test 20%
essay 30%
Final examination 30%

Required Text:

(subject to change)

S. Lehmberg, The Peoples of the British Isles, vol. 1, third edition (Lyceum, 2009).