Disease and History (HIST*3310) | College of Arts

Disease and History (HIST*3310)

Code and section: HIST*3310*01

Term: Fall 2016

Instructor: T. Abraham


This course will focus on the complex roles that disease has played in human history since the European middle ages. Emphasis will be placed on how concepts of health and disease have changed over time and how such concepts have in turn affected human society. Through an examination of both primary and secondary readings, we will look at the interplay between social and cultural responses to disease and the professional and institutional contexts of biomedicine and biomedical knowledge. Because of the circulation of knowledge and disease throughout history, whenever possible we will approach our subject from a global perspective. Topics will include disease and epidemics, social diseases, disease and colonialism, public health, the rise of scientific medicine, mental illness, disease and war, global health, and disease and women.


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