The Global Sixties (HIST*3440) | College of Arts

The Global Sixties (HIST*3440)

Code and section: HIST*3440*01

Term: Fall 2015

Instructor: A. McDougall


Course Synopsis:

This course examines the political, social, and cultural history of the twentieth century’s most contested decade: the sixties. It adopts global perspectives to ask how and why the sixties mattered in the development of the modern world. A diverse range of themes will be covered, from the political controversies stirred up by the Vietnam War, the civil rights movement, decolonisation in Africa, Mao’s Cultural Revolution, and the upheavals of 1968 to the social and cultural changes occasioned by the sexual revolution, the rise of The Beatles, and the mass availability of television.

Required Reading:

Course textbook tbc; additional primary-source readings will be posted on the HIST *3440 Courselink site.

Course Assessment and Weights:

Class presentation/discussion: 20%
Book review: 20%
Research essay: 35%
Final exam: 25%