Modern Sport - A Global History (HIST*2130) | College of Arts

Modern Sport - A Global History (HIST*2130)

Code and section: HIST*2130*01

Term: Winter 2020

Instructor: Alan McDougall


Course Synopsis:

Few activities are better suited to global histories of the modern world than sport. Since the nineteenth century, organized games have been integral parts of mass culture and everyday life around the world, reflecting and shaping wider political and socio-economic processes. Covering key themes in the history of the modern world – such as race, empire, gender, and nationalism – this course critically analyzes the development of modern sport from a global perspective. With a primary emphasis on the ‘global game’ of football (soccer), the material covered will include a wide range of other sports and countries, from European gymnastic traditions to cricket on the Indian sub-continent and baseball in the United States.

Method of Evaluation and Weights:

Short Assignments - 40% (10% per assignment)
Research essay - 35% (5% essay plan/30% essay itself)
Final exam - 25%

Texts Required:

All required readings will be posted on Courselink or available electronically through the University library.

* Please note: This is a preliminary web course description only. The department reserves the right to change without notice any information in this description. The final, binding course outline will be distributed in the first class of the semester.