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The Modern World (HIST*1150)

Code and section: HIST*1150*01

Term: Fall 2020

Instructor: Karen Racine


AD-S Virtual:

This course will be taught online in a Synchronous format on the following scheduled day(s) and time(s):

MWF    11:30 am - 12:20 pm

Details provided by instructor: Class will have one weekly meeting online via Zoom. Posted lectures & notes, independent reading, and one optional discussion hour per week.    

Course Synopsis and Outcomes:

The course will cover major people, events, ideas, patterns and processes of the 20th century.  It will identify modern ideologies and then go on to cover topics in a thematic and chronological way.  Some topics include: World War I, major revolutions (China, Russia, Mexico), fascism around the globe, World War II, Gandhi, Rastafarianism, reggae and decolonization, 1968 student protests, genocides, human rights, apartheid in South Africa, and many others.  

  1. You will be able to identify and explain major people, themes, and events in the history of the modern world.
  2. You will develop written communication skills.
  3. You will develop the skills to locate and evaluate primary and secondary sources.
  4. You will learn the practices of the historian as applied to the responsible use of historical sources and the ethical presentation of one’s work.
  5. You will engage with current global events through an understanding of their historical context.

Methods of Evaluation and Weights:

Reading responses 40% (Best 8 out of 10 will count; 5 points each)
Bibliography Assignment 15%
Document Analysis 25%
Open-book Final Exam 20%        

Texts and/or Resources Required:

  1. Keylor, Bannister, Kinney, The Twentieth Century World: An International History
  2. Kinney, Conflict & Co-operation: Documents on Modern Global History

*Note:  This is a preliminary web course description only.  The department reserves the right to change without notice any information in this description.  The final, binding course outline will be distributed in the first class of the semester.