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Topics in Modern Asia (HIST*4270)

Code and section: HIST*4270*01

Term: Fall 2016

Instructor: N. Smith


"Gender & Sexuality in Chinese History"

This course examines constructs of gender and sexuality in Chinese history. Our study will follow a topical approach, with each week generally devoted to a selected subject or theme. We will focus on the late imperial, modern, and contemporary periods. This class is necessarily inter-disciplinary, highlighting analyses of primary and secondary sources. There are no language requirements for this course; all material will be provided either in English or in Chinese with English translation.

By the end of this course, you will have a broad sense of the field and of important scholarly works that have structured its current state. In most of our classes, we will analyse scholarly writings as well as Honours and MA theses. This activity is aimed at increasing your knowledge of this particular field of study but – even more importantly – sharpening your writing and critical thinking skills.


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