War and Society (HIST*2040) | College of Arts

War and Society (HIST*2040)

Code and section: HIST*2040*01

Term: Fall 2015

Instructor: D. Lawrence


Course Synopsis:

This course explores war and society in the modern era. We open with an
examination of the early modern military revolution followed by revolutionary
warfare and nation-building, before addressing the topics of imperial war and the total
wars, World War I and II. Lectures will also address naval and air warfare, pacifist
reaction to war, women and children at war and conclude by addressing the perils of
nuclear and asymmetric war.

Course Assessment and Weights:

Book and a Movie 20%
Child Soldier Essay 20%
Research Essay Bibliography 5%
Research Essay 25%
Final Exam 30%

Required Texts:

Emmanual Jal, War Child: A Child Soldier’s Story, New York: St. Martin’s Griffin,


Ismeah Beah, A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier, Toronto: Penguin Canada,