Women and Cultural Change (HIST*2930) | College of Arts

Women and Cultural Change (HIST*2930)

Code and section: HIST*2930*01

Term: Fall 2015

Instructor: F. Aladejebi


This course examines selected themes relating to women and gender relations across 20th century North America. Here, we examine the roles women played in political, economic, and social environments and how these roles are shaped by cultural experiences. Examining women’s experiences in the 20th century, this course will highlight how definitions of gender, ethnicity, and race are negotiated, reproduced and changed throughout transnational contexts. In the course, we will examine a variety of topics that include: categories of difference, nation-building, negotiating boundaries of sex and sexualities, moral and social regulation and much more. Throughout the course, students are reminded to question what impact gender, ethnicity, and race have on cultural norms and practices. Understanding culture as changing and flexible, we will examine the impact that women had on belief systems, values, customs and behaviours. We will also particularly focus on systems of power in and between societies.