Youth in History (HIST*3200) | College of Arts

Youth in History (HIST*3200)

Code and section: HIST*3200*01

Term: Fall 2016

Instructor: L. Mahood


This course examines the social and history of childhood, youth and adolescence in western culture and how life-cycles vary as a function of class, race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality. It will examine the experiences of young people in different historical eras. Questions to be explored include: Does the notion of adolescence transcend history and culture? How have experts constructed institutions such as the high school, the juvenile justice system, the media, medical and social scientific research to channel youth rebellion? Historical case studies will be selected to show generations in political, community and domestic conflict. This interdisciplinary history course draws upon sociology, anthropology, cultural studies, art, music, literature, academic writing and research from Europe, Canada and the United States.


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