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History Essay Workshops with Jodi Campbell and Caitlin Holton

Date and Time


305 MacKinnon


Jodi Campbell and Caitlin Holton are conducting three workshops in the month of October that focus on the basics of essay writing. On completion of the full workshop series, students will:
- Be able to recognize and create excellent thesis statements
- Understand the importance structure plays in essay writing and be able to manipulate it to its best effect
- Recognize the role evidence plays in essay writing
- Evaluate sources, particularly online sources, for appropriateness in history essays
- Learn how to recognize and avoid common spelling and grammatical errors

All workshops will be held in Mackinnon 305 from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. and the schedule is as follows:
Thursday, Oct. 20: The Technicalities of Writing History Papers
Monday, Oct. 24: Evaluating Evidence and Using it Effectively
Wednesday, Oct. 26: Polishing Papers

Attendance at all three workshops is recommended. If a better mark is not enough of an incentive, snacks will be provided, too! Students can register for any or all workshops by emailing hewsguelph@gmail.com and providing name and year of study.