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Alan McDougall Talks Liverpool FC on the Moroccan Reds Podcast

Posted on Tuesday, February 27th, 2024

Moroccan Reds Podcast Ep4, "Alan McDougall: Liverpool's season, history and more," features our own Dr. McDougall, historian of sport (and many other subjects).
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from Moroccan Reds:
Welcome to 4th episode of Moroccan Reds Podcast – Join us as we dive deep into the past and modern history of Liverpool FC with Alan McDougall, a British historian. Get ready for a captivating journey through time, featuring insights from his new book and rich anecdotes from Anfield's legacy! Hosted by die-hard supporters, Youssef, Soufian and Boubker, this podcast is your ticket to the front row of Anfield, no matter where you are in the world.In each episode, the trios bring you the latest updates on the Reds, dissecting match performances, player form, and tactical strategies with the precision of a surgeon. From thrilling victories to nail-biting draws, they share the emotional rollercoaster that comes with being a Liverpool supporter. Expect special guest appearances from fellow Moroccan Liverpool fans, former players, and football pundits who share their unique perspectives on the beautiful game. From the bustling streets of Marrakech to the legendary atmosphere at Anfield, the podcast captures the essence of the global Liverpool family. The hosts navigate the highs and lows of the season, they invite listeners to join the conversation. Whether you're a seasoned Kopite or a newcomer to the Liverpool family, "Moroccan Reds Podcast" is the ultimate destination to share your passion, stories, and dreams for the club. So, grab your favourite scarf, settle into your seat, and get ready for a journey through the heart of Moroccan Liverpool fandom. "Moroccan Reds Podcast" where the Liverbird soars over the Atlas Mountains, uniting fans in a symphony of passion and pride. YNWA!