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Artifacts in Agraria Symposium - Rural History at Guelph

Posted on Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

Rural History at Guelph is proud to host the Artifacts in Agraria Symposium October 17 and 18, sponsored by the Francis and Ruth Redelmeier Professorship in Rural History.

Join historians, archaeologists, sociologists and museum professionals from across North America as they explore the material artifacts of everyday life. Observe how these historical sources gather meaning when understood in the context of surviving written records, family history and international commerce. Join the discussion on how artifacts reflect aesthetic and cultural beliefs, symbolize self-identity, affirm values, tell stories, purvey heritage and change meaning over time. Celebrate the new methods and ways of viewing artifacts that deepen our understanding of rural life.

Admission is free when you register before August 3rd, contact Jodey Nurse -
For more information contact Dr. Catharine Wilson - or visit Rural History

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