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Dr. Reneé Worringer on Ottoman History

Posted on Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Since she joined the University of Guelph’s history department several years ago, Prof. Renee Worringer has been “trying to put Middle Eastern studies on the map here, so students can find a cohort of other interested students and faculty. In fact, I think that’s an important part of university: finding people interested in similar topics, so that you can bounce ideas off each other.” There were plenty of “ideas bouncing” over the weekend of March 29 to 31 as Worringer hosted a Great Lakes Ottomanist Workshop (GLOW) at U of G, bringing in scholars from both Canada and the U.S. to discuss topics related to the history of the Ottoman Empire. “The workshop is important to me because nobody else at the U of G is doing Ottoman history,” she says. “It provides an opportunity to take the pulse of Ottoman studies, to see what direction we are going in and what direction we want to go. It’s a huge field – the former Ottoman Empire is now more than 30 countries – and we have a lot to offer.”
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